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Shall We Date?: Yaoi

Shall We Date?: Yaoi

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Kisa-chan By Destiny_Ninjas_Gurl Updated Feb 12

Hehehe, I'm not sorry for this~( ̄︶ ̄)~
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ProLtStar178 ProLtStar178 Jul 05, 2016
I'm nervous to say my ships because it makes me feel ashamed T-T
MayaK007 MayaK007 May 05, 2016
*heavy breathing* I wish they actually do get together. Maybe a KaitoXKikyo ?
MayaK007 MayaK007 Apr 10, 2016
It's pretty obvious which pairing will be most popular: HYUGOYA
hyosukelover hyosukelover Jul 30, 2016
I had to put my phone down and contimplate what is happening