Office scandal (Dramione)

Office scandal (Dramione)

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Mia 💥 By Always_a_slytherin Updated Sep 02

Hermione Granger is happy working in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. 

That is until she gets a new co-worker that makes the job a million times more difficult, with his flirty attitude and temper. 

The office was once a boring place but now its turned upside down with Hermione's nagging and Draco's tantrums. 

Will the spoilt Malfoy ever win Hermione over?

(Contains sexual references and scenes)
Co written by Dramione_4_lyf

Cover by @khmbrleya

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Aaru37 Aaru37 Jun 11
U guessed right mione 😃 bt that what makes him cute right??😘😘
Hi can I ask you something? My friend and I are also gonna write a book together -how do you two do it? Writing the chaps and etc?
Aaru37 Aaru37 Jun 11
I can't say bout being gud bt he's one hell of a hottoe😈😈
Good. Dramione and Blinny ship you are free to sail. I reapeat you are ready to sail.🤤😍😍
Kikigene25 Kikigene25 Sep 19
Ain't that the truth... Lol although I was never a Ron fan so.. Harry and Hermione caught my attention, I sincerely thought they were going to get together at the end
I bet the guy is hot, genius and a total Slytherin! If you want we could change? I want one!!!!