IMAGINE(Dan X reader)

IMAGINE(Dan X reader)

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✨This story contains various one shots and scenarios between the main character and yourself  if it wasn't already obvious by the " x Reader " part . ✨
This book was created around the end of my freshman year of high school as well as it being something I use to be proud of but now I just find it cringey 😭🔫
🖤 I'm very bad at updating as you can see then again I didn't really expect that many people to read this story 😓 

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Why does everyone use the name Bianca... it's starting to scare me
I had a heart attack for a second because for some reason I thought this was the end
I shouldn't be laughing, but "He pushed her off almost causing her to fall onto the floor" I can imagine it oml
I read a phanfic and Dan had a girlfriend names bianca and SHE WAS A B****
this reminded me of that one meme where its like a picture of hands shaking and then a picture of a man washing hands
This is my house, and the rules are people named bianca have to jump off the roof :)