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graphics shop [ closed ]

graphics shop [ closed ]

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- ̗̀ graphics  ̖́- By auratics Completed

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covers, really bad manips, and all that jazz

© 2016 by auratics

Starrynights- Starrynights- Oct 23, 2016
[TYPE] Collage 
                              [TITLE] Sunshine 
                              [SUBTITLE] None
                              [AUTHOR] Starrynights-
                              [PEOPLE YOU WANT ON THE COVER] Gabriella Wilde and Diego Barrueco 
                              [SHORT SUMMARY] In which a girl tries to accomplish goals she made when she was 13.
                              [MOOD] light/happy
                              [GENRE] Romance/ Teen fiction 
                              Tysm! :)
apricitism apricitism Jan 30
am i really the only one who dislikes vector covers ;A;
                              no offense to those who love them, tho ;-;
astoriasmalfoy astoriasmalfoy Oct 23, 2016
Title: Harley Quinn and Joker Imagines
                              Subtitle: none
                              Author: HarleyQuinzel
                              Type: Either manip or simple I don't care
                              People: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as the Joker please!
                              Summary: A series of imagines about harley quinn and joker
                              Mood: happy please!
                              Genre: fanfiction
                              Thank you!
haleycat321 haleycat321 Oct 29, 2016
Title: splinters 
                              Author: haleycat321 
                              Sum: Mia has a haunted house but she can only see it 
                              Published yes
                              Thank u so much
astoriasmalfoy astoriasmalfoy Oct 23, 2016
Can I request for three covers at one time? And if I do can all three of the covers be manip? I'll wait for you to reply before requesting 😅
GraclynnHartwell GraclynnHartwell Oct 24, 2016
                              Title: Emma Lockheart
                              Subtitle 1: A new princess is born
                              Subtitle 2: Book II
                              Author: Graclynn Hartwell
                              People: Girl with blonde hair and green eyes
                              Summary: —
                              Mood: Magical
                              Genre: Fantasy