Aashiqui : The True Love [Completed] [Unedited]

Aashiqui : The True Love [Completed] [Unedited]

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J.S. By JabriFan_Sid_Alia Completed

"Don't you think it's look like Bollywood movie like raining and all. "I said and chuckled. 
"Which movie? "He asked me. 
"Umm.. Aashiqui 2!" I said with smile. 
"Aah! Unfortunately, I don't have coat or Jacket. "He said with smirk. 
"Then who needs them too. "I said and pulled him closer to me by his collars. 
"Jiya? What are you.. "He was cut off by me as shushed him by putting my finger on his LIPS. 

I tiptoed to reach his level. I kissed his forehead. I kissed his left cheek and then right cheek. I kissed his nose (I loved his nose from the starting). 

Then I looked at him. He was totally shocked and confused by my actions. I then looked into his eyes which were telling me how much he loved me. 

"Jiya! We are in the middle of the road! "He said, totally shocked. 
"Who cares? "I really didn't care. 

I didn't want to waste my time. I again tiptoed and kissed or you can say pecked his lips. 

Yes, you read it right. Finally I kissed (pecked)  him.Yeah! KISS! 

I felt like heaven,just because of the touch of his lips. But he didn't response my Kiss. I took one step back and said "I love you Abhi. "

Yes, I proposed him. Finally! 
I didn't care if this was the last moment of my life. I didn't care if there was no tomorrow of me. I didn't care if a car came and hit me on the next moment. I really didn't. 

He stood there, just like a statue. I was angry now, dude! Tell me you also love me! I wanted to cry too. 
He really Loves me? I was asking this to my inner. 

"I know you love me too, just accept it or.. "I stopped. 


So, this is the story of two lovebirds with so many ups and downs. 
If you wanna know more, please read the book. 

Alia bhatt as Jiya Kapoor 
Sidharth Malhotra as Abhimanyu Singh 
Shraddha Kapoor as Aisha Khanna 
Varun Dhawan as Rohan Singhania

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AmnaDar4 AmnaDar4 Apr 10, 2016
Even I am biggest fan of Sidharth Alia
                              Excited about your story
                              Do update it soon
                              It's okay if you make mistakes even I do
MelissaNunez4 MelissaNunez4 Jul 19, 2016
I can see why your a fan.. They do make a great couple in movies... They have awesome chemistry..
Shanaya6164 Shanaya6164 Dec 31, 2016
Awesome...nice start...they are my favourite couple too😘😍
Idr bhi aagaya Karan? 😂 He just seems to be everywhere ajj kal