TF2 X Reader

TF2 X Reader

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You've lived with the mercenaries for 5 years now. Everything seems normal. Until one day, everyone was acting weird. What was it? What's with this "Secret" door on the MedBay? What's going on in Teufort?

Looks like you're gonna have to find it out yourself.

• Notes: Some Languages. •

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Skwoochii Skwoochii Aug 11, 2017
                              Me: Don't worry Doc, Bon's got this!
                              Everyone: NOO!
                              Me: What? 
                              Medic: Just, no!  Last time jou forced biscuits down everyvones froats! Zhen made zhem drink milk!
                              Me: ... MIIIILK! **Throws milk at everyone** my work here is done!
LyzzaReadsFanFic LyzzaReadsFanFic Nov 17, 2017
Pistol and just a fkin sword xD
                              And a fking cannon o_O cuz.. cuz why not..
                              I want to be look like black rock shooter
Soulessa Soulessa Jul 26, 2017
We Prefer Close Combat Weapons So They Tend To Be Swords, Scythes, Knifes And Our Personal Favourite A Clawed Glove
Queen_of_Creativity Queen_of_Creativity Oct 20, 2017
I'm just gonna say 28 even though I'm 16 years younger because I don't want any of the classes here be pedophiles.
SketchTour SketchTour Jul 30, 2017
What does a doctor do when they get sick? Do they go see another doctor, or do they treat themselves? One of life's questions that will never be answered.
Avilynn_Glitch Avilynn_Glitch Nov 09, 2017
(*flips a Scythe in the air and it lands 1 millimeter away from my head*)
                              I probably shouldn't do that..