The Developing {An Agents Of Shield Fanfiction} [2]

The Developing {An Agents Of Shield Fanfiction} [2]

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madas arscu By sarcastic-writer Updated Jul 12, 2016

"we have to learn to control these gifts, or curses rather. to keep them from destroying ourselves and everything around us. but I take comfort in knowing the fact that this is nothing but a process, a stage, a developing. and that in the end, when we emerge, we will be a fully formed photo."

de • vel • op • ing (v) - to convert to a new purpose, by making use of other resources and coming into play from an initial state

book 2 in the photo series
sequel to "The Snapshot"

SHIELD has fallen, and Hydra has created a plight for humanity to face. Through this a new species has emerged: the Inhumans, and their siblings, the Enhanced. Through this a new SHIELD, a better one, has emerged and continues their fight with Hydra and Inhumans. A team known as the Secret Warriors fights alongside and within SHIELD, but will they be enough? Or will they have to plea for help from others in their quest against evil? Another Inhuman, perhaps. Or perhaps, someone from the past. 

All Rights to Marvel for all Characters from Agents of Shield
 {All Rights Reserved for Alex/Lucy Rogers, Peter Richards, other characters, and plot}

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wolfgirlontheedge wolfgirlontheedge Mar 19, 2017
I am so excited to read this because I have read Snapshot and that was amazing so I hope this one will exceed my expectations.
AgentJohnson AgentJohnson Apr 18, 2016
One word: WOW. This chapter was AMAZING. Everything was described really well and I am so excited for whatever comes next!
alizardbreath alizardbreath Aug 17, 2016
Rogers? Was that mentioned in the first book? Did I miss something?? Connection???????
AgentJohnson AgentJohnson Apr 15, 2016
Yay! I'm so excited you are doing a sequel! I loved your last book so much and you are a great writer! So excited!!!
sarcastic-writer sarcastic-writer Apr 15, 2016
@Alpha_Vern @AmyNewfbNichol @AgentJohnson thank you all so much! ❤️ I hope I don't let you down