Forever With You [MPreg]

Forever With You [MPreg]

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Naïvely, they share the same secret desire but if one had their way that secret would never see the light of day.  Ajayi Narayana was a young man, personal assistant to the most wanted man alive, Akshay Nilekani: billionaire and owner of Infosys. 

Ajayi is such a cliché, falling for his boss but as fate would have it, Akshay is straight and shows no signs of settling down. Everyday Ajayi must put up walls so he does not confuse Akshay's friendly, flirty nature as him actually returning his feelings. What is a hopeless romantic to do?  

Akshay Nilekani was tired of the games; he was ready to settle down. The catch? Finding a boy that does not just see him for his money and is willing to submit to him. Boy? Yes, the billionaire boy is homosexual; he was not ready to come out yet. 

Well he is ready now, he is just waiting for the right person and he believes that person is Ajayi. His personal assistant is so damn irresistible, even if he does not realize it. Akshay has fallen for Ajayi's shy but determined personality, giving nature and bubble butt.

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Isn’t he cute?! I’ve had so many people say his face is too strong, gorgeous to me.
Chooky65 Chooky65 Mar 17
Not sure who he is but he is so gorgeous like the actors from "Dances with Wolves".
                              I love the length of his hair.
When people get stern with me, I start to cry. When people yell at me, I start to cry. When people indicate that I have done something wrong without saying it, I cry. When people yell and it's not even about me, I cry. I cry a lot.    •_•
smashthat smashthat Apr 30
I thought that says he had six legs lol. I was like what....
Where I come from... Ajayi is the name given to a great person.
Excuse me, I'm starting this book and so far it has been great, but I wish you could tell me the real name from the person in the picture. I'll be so grateful. Thank you!!!