Ask The Proxies!!

Ask The Proxies!!

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Hoodie: Umm, is this thing working? *tapping the camera*

Toby: I dunno. *eating a waffle*

Masky: *facepalms* Yes its working you dorks! 

Hoodie: Oh. I knew that. *backs up and pulls Toby and Masky into the camera veiw* Anyways! So, our very special friend Taz decided to make this book.

Toby: And its all about us! *smiles happily*

Masky: Basicly you all get to ask us three ANY questions  you want, and we have to answer them for you. Even if we don't want to.

Toby: So ask away!!

Hoodie: And don't you DARE forget to vote!!

*camera fizzes out*

(I dont own Creepypastas or the Proxies. All rights go to owner(s).)

Toby: why do you like waffles so much? 
                              Hoodie and Masky: everyone says your brothers, I always thought you were just close friends, which is correct? 
                              All three: what's it like being a proxy?
Oh! And does Masky really eat as much cheesecake as they say he does? :3
TOBY MASKY AND HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's  your favorite CP out of the whole mansion?
I have a question! Hey Toby! Would you go on a date with me? *holds out waffles* We can just eat waffles and watch a movie!!
Blank_URL Blank_URL Aug 16
Advice huh? Any advice for a new Wattpad user? *gently presses fist against side of my head* I'm not good with these kind of things~ Heh...
EchoThe_Cat EchoThe_Cat Nov 26
Psst toby i got a dare for ya i want you to poke masky and hoodie at the same time and i got waffles 10 boxes "gives 10 boxes of waffles"there