Ask The Proxies!!

Ask The Proxies!!

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Hoodie: Umm, is this thing working? *tapping the camera*

Toby: I dunno. *eating a waffle*

Masky: *facepalms* Yes its working you dorks! 

Hoodie: Oh. I knew that. *backs up and pulls Toby and Masky into the camera veiw* Anyways! So, our very special friend Taz decided to make this book.

Toby: And its all about us! *smiles happily*

Masky: Basicly you all get to ask us three ANY questions  you want, and we have to answer them for you. Even if we don't want to.

Toby: So ask away!!

Hoodie: And don't you DARE forget to vote!!

*camera fizzes out*

(I dont own Creepypastas or the Proxies. All rights go to owner(s).)

Can you add my character,
                              His name Is Mori The Monster
                              He Has Black Hair And Razor Sharp Teeth,And He Wears A Black Kimono With Black Dragon Wings And A Black Dragon Tail
                              And He kills With A Katana
KyleighMuench KyleighMuench Apr 10, 2016
Toby: why do you like waffles so much? 
                              Hoodie and Masky: everyone says your brothers, I always thought you were just close friends, which is correct? 
                              All three: what's it like being a proxy?
TheNightPhantom TheNightPhantom Apr 14, 2016
Oh! And does Masky really eat as much cheesecake as they say he does? :3
CrafterLily1 CrafterLily1 Apr 10, 2016
TOBY MASKY AND HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's  your favorite CP out of the whole mansion?
honeysweet221 honeysweet221 Sep 05, 2016
I have a question! Hey Toby! Would you go on a date with me? *holds out waffles* We can just eat waffles and watch a movie!!
Blank_URL Blank_URL Aug 16, 2016
Advice huh? Any advice for a new Wattpad user? *gently presses fist against side of my head* I'm not good with these kind of things~ Heh...