(Natsu Dragneel x Reader) Opposites Attract

(Natsu Dragneel x Reader) Opposites Attract

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Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail!

After shortly arriving in Magnolia, you get lost and find yourself in front of a very run-down guild hall in the middle of nowhere. You walk in, hoping for directions... but instead, you end up being in the guild?! You were a water dragon slayer, and you were usually got along with everyone, but what if the salmon-haired dragon slayer was nowhere near being on your good side? Will you end up falling for him? Read to find out! 

A/N: This takes place after Tenrou Island arc. Hope you enjoy reading! XD

                              Percy- *facepalm* why
                              Me- CUZ I CAN BISH
I'm black she's white you need to go to specsavers you damn blind person and also I have black hair and brown eyes how can you get that mixed up you fluffy cute dragon slayer
Avatar: WATER
                              Me: really really really really really really really really ok then avatar: FIRE 
                              IT MAKES STEAM people
Huh... Weird cuz my OC is a water dragon slayer.. But my my OC dragons name is Oceanus
maybe if I had blonde hair but no I'm not Lucy and now come with me I'm gonna lock you in my basement
-unheoly- -unheoly- May 17
Course I'm not, I have black hair and gray eyes. Go get your eyes checked you may be color blind Natsu...😂