They abused us...and they will never use us.

They abused us...and they will never use us.

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Team 7 has finally cracked. They all hate the leaf. All for very similar reasons. 

Sakura hates lady Tsunade with a passion. She calls herself her sensei but all she does is mentally and physically abuse her day after day. Depleting her chakra reserves to the point where she can't even move to get herself off of the ground again. 

The villagers hate Naruto. So he hates them back. They trash his place everyday and throw stones at him. They once chased him off a cliff. They didn't want him as a shinobi. They didn't care about him. They saw him as a tool that should be disposed of as quickly as possible. He was the nine tailed fox to them and thats all he would ever be. 

Sasuke hates the leaf. He found the note shisui wrote to Itachi and uncovered the truth from there. Danzo is a shady dirtbag, the coucilers are older than dirt and should be 6 feet below already, and the worst part is they think he can use both him and his teammates to no only be the next sannin but to have total control over the village.

Kakashi hates the leaf. Literally all of the leaf. He hates tsunade for the way she treats Sakura, he hates the villagers for what they do to Naruto, he especially hates, the council, danzo and Orochimaru for what they did to Sasuke and his clan. But most of all he hates the leaf because it took everything from him. He wasn't about to sit back and watch it happen a second time.

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Naru must be channeling my spirit. Cuz I'd totally do that to one of the most dangerous people in the world.
KGArts KGArts Oct 03
Oh OH OH OK were shipping them now APPARENTLY
                              (I didn't know that this ship even existed)
aferranti aferranti Nov 13
AnkaaSage AnkaaSage Nov 16
This seems interesting so far, but why do they always go to the Akatsuki? I mean they want to kill Naruto-kun and take Kurama-sama away~ 
                              I mean why don't they make their own Akatsuki or something? Go and fix up Whirlpool.
GiuliaMi27 GiuliaMi27 Oct 27
I think this is the 100th time that I read it! I love this story and how well is written!
AuraDann AuraDann Nov 16
Little kid one 
                              (I am soooo blanking with the names right now)