He Calls Me Gorgeous

He Calls Me Gorgeous

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"I knew he couldn't appreciate you. Not like I do." He reaches out to run his hands down my sides, sighing when his hands stops at the dip in my waist. "He didn't know how to." 

I quirk an eyebrow at him in slight interest, "Oh and you do?" It wasn't a challenge. It was merely sarcasm but the glint in his eyes told me that he might have misinterpreted. 

He lets out a low chuckle, "I can demonstrate a few things if you'd like." 


Grace has been neglected and put down her whole life. Being plus sized, as they call it, and dating a guy who doesn't appreciate her like she does him. It's been like this for years. This year however, she decides no more. It's her year and she's going to make the most of it. 
Arthur is the schools 'golden boy'. Also Grace's neighbor. You could say he's a secret admirer. Watching Grace from a far. Watching as she gets up each time she's pushed down. He's wanted her for years but kept his distance. Then he decided that it's time go after what he wants.

Every girl in the world needs to love themselves like this girl.
victoriaConnor victoriaConnor 2 days ago
I am an junior and to be honest its like the year is going by is fast😭😭😭😭😭
ObeySuperpower ObeySuperpower Dec 31, 2016
Ha i hate to brag but this junior here is taking online classes and will graduate early in june but not bragging at the least 😅😅😌maybe just a little
Jevvylove Jevvylove Dec 01, 2016
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 when catch acting dirty inside your brain
bbsbooks05 bbsbooks05 Jan 02
I can't read "snicker" without thinking about Draco Malfoy...
N_Strong N_Strong 4 days ago
Child boo! You're in high school? Don't even matter, there's plenty more where John came from