Part Timers

Part Timers

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Style By StanxKyle Updated Oct 04, 2016

The South Park boys are teenagers now, and they all work part time at a pizzeria. All of them do their jobs horribly, and are constantly getting into trouble:

Cartman is the self-absorbed manager. 

Kyle is the easily angered head chef, and Stan is his level-headed sous chef. 

Butters and Tweek are the paranoid bus/delivery boys.

Craig is the emotionless waiter, Clyde is the crybaby waiter, and Kenny is the perverted waiter who flirts with all the customers.

kitkatcrunchies123 kitkatcrunchies123 Dec 05, 2016
I'm Kenny and kyle. I'm just so happy that i'm like my children
everything_please everything_please Nov 29, 2016
xXxCraig_TuckerxXx xXxCraig_TuckerxXx Sep 13, 2016
I will murder you, Kenny....and make sure you stay that way.
dedinside24 dedinside24 Dec 29, 2016
This makes me remember that I try to use a frying pan to kill my sis but failed
xXxCraig_TuckerxXx xXxCraig_TuckerxXx Sep 13, 2016
Yeah! He's into sluts like Stan!
                              *smiles like an idiot, knowing the author will put STYLE into the story*
xXxCraig_TuckerxXx xXxCraig_TuckerxXx Sep 13, 2016
Now, Kyle. We've been over this. Emotional does NOT equal physical, except in sex.