Demons Can't Feel Love, Right?... (Billdip) [UNDER HEAVY EDITING]

Demons Can't Feel Love, Right?... (Billdip) [UNDER HEAVY EDITING]

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GRASSY By CielPhantomhive7103 Updated Jun 23, 2017

(It's completely normal to ship a demon with a teenage boy, am I talking about Sebaciel or Billdip I DON'T KNOW)

[This does not take place after the series finale but after "Sock Opera" aka Season 2 episode 4]

It's been a few weeks since Bill took over Dipper's body and Dipper had finally healed, which was a relief for him. For some reason though, Dipper Pines has been feeling watched ever since? Is it just paranoia, or is something - someone- watching him?

(Cover art is my own.)

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  • cipher
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Angel_Really_Rocks Angel_Really_Rocks Apr 21, 2016
That first part was really funny! I already like this story.
Commander-L-Ackerman Commander-L-Ackerman Nov 01, 2016
man there violent..but if someone narrated my family it woukld be worse so ...that being said, continue with le storie author-chan
LunaOfEquestria LunaOfEquestria Apr 30, 2016
You said Sebaciel in your description. You're now my best friend.
                              xD Sorry I say that to everyone who likes Sebaciel. It's my OTP
FairyTale10101 FairyTale10101 Dec 04, 2016
I ship billxdipper  SebastianxCiel.   Izumixryouta and Aobaxnoiz (don't know y I just named them all)
musicmusthace musicmusthace Aug 02, 2016
                              :does the moon walk while pointing to the title:
Angel_Really_Rocks Angel_Really_Rocks Apr 21, 2016
Wow, this song is my jam! I also like the way Bill tricked Dipper. He so would use Wendy to manipulate Dipper.