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Harmione | Never Be Alone ✔ [COMPLETED]

Harmione | Never Be Alone ✔ [COMPLETED]

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karie By mythicdreams Completed

Take a piece of my heart,
  make it all your own,
  so when we are apart,
  you'll never be alone.
  Four years now, the brightest witch of her age and the boy who lived had been the greatest of friends. But as things take a drastic turn and every day just might be their last, their hearts reach out, and before they know it, their worlds collide.
  Love is a wonderful thing, but one does not simply get through it without heartbreak, pain, and jealousy. Add a sprinkle of magic and a mythical world, and what do you get? A tale lit with fire and burning with passion, excitement concealed within every moment.
  'Hermione's skin seemed to burn under Harry's touch. It was a wonderful feeling, and more than anything, she wanted more. She glanced at their intertwined hands as they stepped in beat to the music, and felt heat rush to her cheeks. Hermione couldn't help it, she couldn't deny her feelings for Harry anymore. They were too strong, too powerful, bound to free themselves. The words I love you stood on the very tip of her tongue, longing to burst free.'
  [Goblet Of Fire]
  Copyright © 2016 by Karie C
  *pictures in story credit to their original owners*
  Amazing cover by @psycheleigh

NotAnAverageSavage NotAnAverageSavage Jul 09, 2016
I just read your summary/description  and I can alreday tell this is an amazing book and you're an amazing writer.
Addie_Belle Addie_Belle May 30, 2016
Never read the Harry Potter books, but let's see how this goes!! Lol!
That_Ravenclaw_Chick That_Ravenclaw_Chick Dec 16, 2016
When I saw the title I started singing never be alone and when I saw the lyrics in the description I was like OMG
ofmuggleborn ofmuggleborn Jul 30, 2016
im torn between dramione and harmione soo *lowkey high fives you*
fm_buen fm_buen Jul 25, 2016
They got chemistry since in prisoner of azkaban i promise!! Because theyre teen in tht time
wanderfalling wanderfalling May 04, 2016
😱 You listen to Shawn Mendes too! I love his music so much!!