Not My Senpai

Not My Senpai

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WinterBeth By WinterBeth Updated Mar 25

I've lived in blank, dull world all of my life. Every day is the same thing. Every person is an emotionless white canvas that'll never be painted on. I, myself, am an emotionless white canvas.

   This was all until I met Taro Yamada, the most cowardly, uninteresting man I've ever seen. Not that I can't say the same for myself, of course. But when I met him, it opened up some sort of gate in my mind. I could finally, at last feel something. 

   All the time before this, I could never express emotions, just how like I saw the people around me. The only thing that was even close to an emotion was longing, longing for at least a sliver of a chance to feel. I could express so many things once I met Taro: happiness, excitement, and everything I've ever dreamed.

   But, instead of love or compassion, things that I was supposed to feel the second I saw him, I felt an anger that burned as hot as the brightest star in our universe. I saw him, and I knew that he would forever trap me. Instead of going out in the world and using these emotions, I would want to stay with him. Always with him, and no one else.

   Taro Yamada is a good example of what we call a "senpai." This creature, this vile being is what the demons inside of us choose for our mates to make their perfect children. Then those children would be yanderes as well, which seems more like a blessing than a curse. My mother, my father's yandere, always told me that my longing feeling would disappear once I saw my senpai. "A chance to find your true love without having to search," as she called it. I believed her, for a while. 

   I don't want to be trapped forever in a cage like my mother is, or how her mother was, or how even my mother's mother was. I want to be the one yandere, the first one in history, to escape my senpai and live a perfectly normal life afterwards. I'll complete this task, one way or another.

Cover by: @KayTheFangirlQueen
The rest by: @WinterBeth (Me)

ShayTheSpringtrap ShayTheSpringtrap Jun 14, 2016
Yay Budo x Ayano screw Senpai *knocks him off a building* oops sorry my bad *Laughs evilie
GumIzAwesome GumIzAwesome Apr 28, 2016
idk how i didn't notice this book... 
                              I need to check yo profile more x3
HoM32TuCk HoM32TuCk Apr 18, 2016
This is the perfect representation of how I see Yandere-chan's dream.
skyler_germaya123 skyler_germaya123 May 04, 2016
But you like you're rivals scream in terror when you're killing them
ShayTheSpringtrap ShayTheSpringtrap Jun 14, 2016
Budo is her Senpai but she is going to kill Taro her Senpai oh carry on Ayano you can go ahead yes I know I'm evil
WinterBeth WinterBeth Apr 10, 2016
I've been suffering from Writer's block for a looonnggg while now, and I've been watching Yandere videos on YouTube and reading Yandere theories and backstories to pass the time, so I just thought: "Why The Heck Not?!"