I'm back....I hope you're ready

I'm back....I hope you're ready

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gabby By gabby_alana Updated Apr 19

I was the nerd at school, beaten and called names. I was even bullied by my own blood. Then they took it to far, so I left. Now I'm back two years later and better than ever.

I'm back...I hope you're ready

This book is inspired by the books I read on wattpad.

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aarinani aarinani Mar 11
My ma would have just told be me to go back out there and whoop they ass and don't come home until I do......and my "brothers" would have gotten a beating.
iWasDamned iWasDamned 3 days ago
me to i would fight my lil brother like worst enemies and we say horrible things to each other but if someone else did they would get slaughtered
My and my sibling fight all the time but when it comes to someone else hurting us we stick up for each other not treat each other like total crap what is wrong with them 😤
NeonyWolf NeonyWolf Jun 12
Yeah I may fight with my siblings 
                              But if someone 
                              So lays a freaking hand or a freaking feather they better run for their lives 
                              And say 
                              hi to the Devil for me
Aww that's so mean why would they bully her there her f***ing brothers😔😔😖
MayaRosalynn MayaRosalynn Sep 03, 2016
If my mom would "send me to London" that easily I would've been gone long ago