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Can't Help Falling Inlove.

Can't Help Falling Inlove.

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"I like misha." I whisper to Jared. Jared of course. Breaks out laughing.. Right in front of me. "What?" 
"I know." 
"What? How?"
"You constantly smile when he texts you. You light up when he walks in. Its obvious. Well... Maybe not because I'm the only one who sees it." 
"You talk to people about it?" 
"No.. Nobody likes talking about it." 
"Well.. Jared.. What am I suppose to do?" 
"Tell him? This what I would do." 
"I wish he was a she." I sigh. 
"Hey why don't you grab your keys and go home and think about it?" 
"Ok.. Yeah.. I don't know." I leave the bar and drive home. Not smart. Don't do that. 
I walk into work the next day ready to confess to misha. He's cute and I want to date him and.... No homo? God I should've made a note. "You look tired." Misha grins walking next to me. 
"Yeah I went home and had a bottle of jack..  It was half a bottle but still and then I went to bed... And them woke back up at 4am. So hey how did you sleep?" I joke. 
"Great. I got a new puppy a...

Jensen just messed up hard. I almost wrote Dean XD. Too much Destiel for me.
therainbowlarrie therainbowlarrie Dec 14, 2016
I just want a nice fic, without to mich emotional trouble, please let this be one
maddog57682 maddog57682 Apr 10, 2016
thebabymishacollins thebabymishacollins Aug 28, 2016
LOL vicki and daneel should totally hook up when they here there husbands fell in love with each other
CanYouDrownMe- CanYouDrownMe- Dec 03, 2016
ALright Jesen stop beinga pussy and say that yous loves that Misha beause I just look at how many chaters thers is and it said 31
CanYouDrownMe- CanYouDrownMe- Dec 03, 2016
                              'Cause I can't help falling in love with you
                              'Cause I can't help falling in love with you