Young Blood✔️- Out of the Shadows II (Lesbian story)

Young Blood✔️- Out of the Shadows II (Lesbian story)

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Married and hoping to move forward with their life together,  Lacey and Amelia Crawford couldn't wait to surprise their family and friends at the wedding reception with the news they've been holding on to for the last two months.

Before they could share their joy, Lacey and her best friend and former Marine Captain, Morgan De Luca find they have been called back to duty or have they? With the help of a Younger Marine Sean O'Riley the women are once again forced not only to fight on foreign soil but to fight for the women, they left behind.

"From now until my last breath, and even then I will fight death himself for even a few moments more with you." Can Lacey keep her wedding vows to Amelia?

Follow the former Marines now members of an elite group called  W.A.T.T.  ( World Anti-Terrorism Taskforce) as they find themselves again fighting to protect the ones they love. 

This is a sequel to 'Out Of The Shadows,' I recommend giving it a read before this one to avoid any confusion. 

Cover by @CrisCee21
**Special shout out to @LeeTheMusicLover for creating the new addition to the story Sean O'Riley and for getting after me to continue the saga.

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