Daughter of a Demon (Black Butler fanfiction)

Daughter of a Demon (Black Butler fanfiction)

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Harley Quinn By HomicidalLunatic Updated Nov 23

It looked like another normal day in the Phantomhive manor. Until Sebastian hears a knock at the front door and finds an abandoned toddler that looks rather identical to himself outside. Courtesy of a certain nun. (*Cough* Episode 17 *Cough* Season 1 *Cough*)

Now Sebastian has to deal with a mini version of himself running around the manor. This little girl is sure to cause some trouble around the house but will she also bring out the caring side of our favorite demon butler?


Genre: Humour, Hurt/Comfort

Info: No pairings.

Thats funny i just got a glass of water while reading this on my phone
I love how with almost every book I've read of Sebastian's child its always a girl
That sounds so good right now, I need to eat  red velvet cake and then go cry about how I am go to regret for gaining 7 pounds
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