Buttercrème Frosting

Buttercrème Frosting

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“All is fair in sugar and buttercrème.”

When her mom has to make a trip to L.A. for her bakery, Just Sprinkles, Serenity thinks she’s coming along to scope out the competition and kick some major butt, when really her mom has signed her up for Frosted, a baking camp shaping the young culinary bakers of tomorrow. And if that weren't enough, she meets the one and only Ayden Callaway: Baker extraordinaire, Son of New York’s hottest bakery owner, five year winner at Frosted and an…cocky egoistic jerk face!

At Frosted a major prize is at stake this year. Bigger than any prize given out the years before, and it’s time for Ayden to retire from number one and let Serenity have a shot. He’s certainly not going down without a fight and everyone’s willing to go to extreme measures to win, including Serenity. She’s ready to beat Ayden at his own game that is until the event takes a drastic turn. For better or worse? You’ll have to read to find out.

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fangurl81 fangurl81 Aug 11, 2017
When I first saw Satan I read it as Shawn, and I was like, hold up, is shawn mendes in this book?
animeforlife124 animeforlife124 Mar 03, 2016
Oh no😳 It must be her bf/gf cus the way they said that.... Omg what they wanna talk for... They either cheated or wanna break up
animeforlife124 animeforlife124 Mar 03, 2016
What in the actual hell!?!!? She chose to go to school and camp, instead of miss school and go to camp??!?!? Omg I cannot even right now
animeforlife124 animeforlife124 Mar 03, 2016
Lool omg im so dumb... I thought it was an author note pr something
sepoonyo sepoonyo Apr 07, 2016
Try some 2-D guys, reverse harems, shoujos, they make me feel better for sure
Tiger_Lily_19 Tiger_Lily_19 Aug 15, 2015
I don't think Channing Tatum, Dylan obrian , Tyler pose, or Kellen lutz are cute. I felt like getting that out lol oh and Zach efron