Heart to Heart (A Miraculous Ladybug Tale)

Heart to Heart (A Miraculous Ladybug Tale)

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Broflovski Bitch By sunshell Updated Jan 07

In which a certain bluebell eyed girl is unexpectedly paired with the wrong kwami and a certain peridot green eyed boy is as well. 

I do not own any of these characters, all credit goes to the creators at Zagtoon, but I do reserve my own rights for writing and also creating this story. This book is under the copyright of Canada and any plagiarism may be pursued in court. Seriously, no joke. Get your own ideas.

Cover made by: @sunshell
-S u n s h e l l ☀️

- - Sep 12, 2016
(Sorry I didn't comment sooner! I read and voted but forgot to comment) 
                              I love this story concept and it sounds really interesting! I like the way you write and the idea that you came up with! Can't wait to read the first chapter!!!
ladybugfangirl ladybugfangirl Apr 10, 2016
OMG!!!!! Me and my sister have been wanting to write a story like this for so long!!
Glitter_Crazy Glitter_Crazy Sep 18, 2016
Same with me my friends call me crazy that is is all my backgrounds for any device I have! And yes I do like the prologue.
Gin_weaselbee Gin_weaselbee Oct 08, 2016
My obsession with it isnt healthy either ! When i go shopping with my friends we have to go to a nearby toy store so i can fangirl at the Miraculous ladybug merch squeeeeeewww
emo_potato_ emo_potato_ Sep 14, 2016
                              Like two days ago I found a ladybug with a broken wing so I saved it and the rest of the day I was humming the miraculous ladybug theme song
sacha_lizzy sacha_lizzy Oct 22, 2016
How are ypu so sure they're right handed? Maybe left is their dominant hand...