The Gangstress (BOOK 1)

The Gangstress (BOOK 1)

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Caribbean Princess✨ By Nyahxoxo Completed

I'm not perfect.           

I'm a pretty fucked up person with a pretty fucked up life if you asked me. I had a messed up childhood that lead me to my fucked up life but I'm not complaining. I love the life that I live. I never regret anything because everything I went through was for my baby girl.                 

You wanna know about my love life? I don't have one. Niggas ain't shit. I don't fucks with them on that level. Maybe an occasional one night stand but that's it.          

But there's one important information I forgot to tell y'all; I'm the most notorious female gang leader in the city.            Read my story, if you dare ;)    

©Copyright Shanyah K. 2013 All Rights Reserved.  *Original description in intro.*

Yooo both of their povs sound they're on the Maury show 😏
Lol I love how her mood changed lol u to. .😀😁😂😂😀
Kidashian Kidashian Apr 19
Sounds cliche but I'll read it. The description sounded interesting😛
OVOKali OVOKali Sep 28
I love the concept of this... Usually it's men that run the game and what not
shaybay400 shaybay400 Mar 06
13??? She shouldnt have even known wat sex was let alone trying ta do it😖
DvpeThug DvpeThug Nov 02
I had to go check my work like my teacher say but she was thirteen  .😐😐I'm 13 now