The Bloody One (septiplier) | DISCONTINUED

The Bloody One (septiplier) | DISCONTINUED

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The demon inside you By septiplier__fangirl Completed

Jack/Sean is a normal-ish college student. He doesn't go to parties and get drunk every night, instead he stays in his dorm and basically keeps to himself. 

There was always these woods he would go to for some peace, but one night he had heard on the news that those specific set of woods has been experiencing paranormal almost supernatural like occurrences. Of course, he brushes of the idea and still goes to visit them. 

About a month after he heard those news he started to get a weird feeling every time he went there, almost like he was being watched. What he doesn't know is that he is, by a rather magnificent creature. 


WARNING: strong swearing, blood, gay relationships, maybe smut or light lemon, depression, suicidal thoughts, violence 

NOTE: this is my first fanfic and everything I named above in my warning will have some type of notification when it occurs in the story 


(Please excuse all my grammar and spelling errors, also any miss interpretations)

That would be something I would do... I'd freak someone out in the woods at night!
I would just be like "I am outta here, bye." And then just go home to read gay fanfics.
whiskywix whiskywix Jul 23
Is it the one with rainbows and gold... Sorry not sorry 😎
oftenmikey oftenmikey Sep 03
y'all would never catch me in the woods in the night in the first place tf
Now I am trying to avoid looking at my bedroom window.. 😱😱😱😱
Damn this book is really cool I like it a lot so far I hope to see more chapters in the future😃