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Savour The Moonlight - Book 1 (Cell Phone Novel) ✔

Savour The Moonlight - Book 1 (Cell Phone Novel) ✔

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Maoiel By Maoiel Completed

    Harmony is empty. 
    She doesn't speak out, nor does she do anything that could possibly spark her father and step mother's rage. Besides, isn't it better to stay quiet than to deal with the fall-out caused by expressing her fleeting emotions?
    She's the eldest, after all, she can't be so selfish and demand more than she needs.
    Then Orsai shows up. Bright and bursting with unrestrained personality. She brings with her great tales, an imagination as sharp as a whip and Harmony's crumbling outlook on life seems to brighten slightly. 
    But why is Harmony haunted by uneasy feelings?
    And is Orsai really the kind and open big sister that she acts like?
    [ 1ST BOOK ]
    - loosely based on a true story -
    ✳ I'm slowly editing this, changing details and styling, so please bare with me ✳
    Savor The Moonlight © Maoiel 2016 - 2017 All Rights Reserved
    No part of this publication may be reproduced,  distributed, translated or transmitted in any form or by any means, including  photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods,  without the prior written permission of the author, except in the  case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews. For permission requests,  contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Aviantist Aviantist Jun 10, 2016
This sent chills down my spine knowing it was a true story.  Hoping to read more :) Really good so far~~
Wadanoharu Wadanoharu Dec 28, 2016
I have no need to be rude, just wanted to note that it's 'surgery' I'm being a lil picky though, so nvm (and yes I use typing shortcuts) ^^
lastwill- lastwill- Oct 26, 2016
Whoa, first part in and I'm already feeling all sorts of emotions, especially that last bit that foreshadows something... great work!!
Hana-shi Hana-shi Feb 26
I don't know why, but Orsai does sounds like a Bushi name. The other characters name not generic at all. As if taken from another world. Authentic ~~
sleepdrugs sleepdrugs Jul 24, 2016
You're a really really great writer. Would you mind checking out my new story and give me some feedback? Thank you'
HirondelleMeirie HirondelleMeirie Jun 10, 2016
Nice beginning! I really like the fact that you got creative with the layout too! Good job and keep it up! :D
                              By the way, how did you manage to align the text here, on Wattpad? Last time I tried, it failed to format it correctly...