Savour The Moonlight (Cell Phone Novel)

Savour The Moonlight (Cell Phone Novel)

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Maoiel By Maoiel Updated 14 hours ago

Harmony is the eldest daughter in a family of eight. And, although she's surrounded with family members, she feels isolated and lonely.

Her only friend is Mei, a half cast foreign exchange student in her class. 

Then suddenly her step mum's charismatic, outgoing daughter Orsai shows up. She brings with her great tales and an imagination as sharp as a whip. With Orsai by her side, Harmony's crumbling outlook on life seems to brighten slightly. 

But why are bruises blooming on her half siblings' bodies? Why is her younger sister Suki becoming distant? And is Orsai really the kind and open big sister that she acts like?

*loosely based on a true story*

✳ I'm slowly editing this, changing details and styling, so please bare with me ✳

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Aviantist Aviantist Jun 10
This sent chills down my spine knowing it was a true story.  Hoping to read more :) Really good so far~~
Aviantist Aviantist Oct 01
Ahhhh it's so beautifully deep~~ It's so emotive, It really builds the flow~
lastwill- lastwill- Oct 26
Whoa, first part in and I'm already feeling all sorts of emotions, especially that last bit that foreshadows something... great work!!
I love the flow and the words you chose. :) And the openness that the loose punctuation creates. Good job! :D
sleepdrugs sleepdrugs Jul 24
You're a really really great writer. Would you mind checking out my new story and give me some feedback? Thank you'
Nice beginning! I really like the fact that you got creative with the layout too! Good job and keep it up! :D
                              By the way, how did you manage to align the text here, on Wattpad? Last time I tried, it failed to format it correctly...