Again, Please

Again, Please

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kae By cyberaf Updated Jan 09

|Sequel to please officer|

Four years later, Sequoia is different from where she first started, with an amazing boyfriend and a settle family atmosphere. Being a known photographer in France has its perks, her friends were amazing, the money and people she worked with were great. But she felt like she was missing something - someone , she was afraid to admit it but half of her wanted him again the other half wanted to tear him to shreds when she saw him. 

She was torn, her heart was.

Justin, now thirty years old was stuck with his mistress, Sarah who happened to have one of his kids; supposably. After quitting his job as a MPD officer, he pursued a career in investing with the compensation he received from his ex wife years ago. Now, he was making more money than he could spend - he too was missing someone and he wasn't afraid to admit it.


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tamarathesizzler tamarathesizzler Jun 03, 2016
I don't think it's his child like he was the only one this hoe was sleeping with😬
MorydenGillyena MorydenGillyena Nov 08, 2016
Its been a long time ,since have updated,   and you're telling me  the story now that you're again back (idk i tried)
_jordynxp _jordynxp Apr 23, 2016
Omg yes! This is honestly my favorite justin bieber fanfic series on wattpad. My best friend and I are so pumped for the sequal!!!!
chokingbizzle chokingbizzle Dec 03, 2016
I swear my mom is exactly the same, yesterday she called me when I was about to take a nap and was like "I have something very very important to ask you." I got scared and asked what, then she was like "What's your favorite kind of ice cream."