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Woman of Steel {Man of Steel Fanfiction} (ON HOLD)

Woman of Steel {Man of Steel Fanfiction} (ON HOLD)

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Amber Grave By Astariana Updated May 19, 2015

Isabel Grant had a tough childhood. Bullies, Terrible Parents, Loneliness, etc. She always stuck out, in a bad way. You see, Isabel has a secret....She's different than most humans. She has powers that no one, not even she can explain. Now Isabel is 33 years young, living in Metropolis, while being an aspiring artist. Everything is fine and dandy until she meets Clark Kent. A Kansas farm boy who has similar problems as herself.  Both discover that they aren't from earth and were sent from a planet named Krypton. They were the last, or one of the last people from Krypton. Their minds were made for each other, literally. They have a mental and physical bond with each other, that cant be broken. Isabel and Clark are supposed to be the key for Krypton's survival. What they don't know is, bringing back Krypton is a deadly mistake. With Zod after them, Earth's fate on their shoulders, and the bond. They soon discover that they have to stick together or Earth will crumble around them. Making her the Woman of Steel.

SkyWingandRedHood SkyWingandRedHood May 15, 2016
interesting feeling the 'aster' here! hehehehe  ......curious to see how this goes......
Astariana Astariana Jul 26, 2013
@sherlockedmoriarty thanks! I'm glad you think so :D 
                              And IKR! I loved the movie so I had to make a Fanfiction! (I like yours too!)
Astariana Astariana Jul 13, 2013
@iUniverse haha, I loved the movie. I'm working on the prologue and chapter 1 :)