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False Pretense [EreRi/RiRen AU]

False Pretense [EreRi/RiRen AU]

3.8K Reads 287 Votes 21 Part Story
Levi Yeager By iStygianEmpress Updated 6 days ago

Since their childhood days, Levi is a friend of the Yeager twins. They're inseparable, and something being more than friends eventually developed. But there comes an unfortunate event, an event that separated them. With a promise that they'll meet again, Levi continued his life, waiting for the day that they'll meet again to come.
      After five years of waiting, Levi's hope to see them is slowly withering. That is until a certain brunet decided to show up and repeat the history, continuing what was left off in the past by jerking the swing off once again.
      Now that they're together again, how will things work out? Is it going to be the perfect love story they dreamed of? Or will a dark pretense destroy everything?
      "Even if the whole world believe that everything was a lie, my love for you isn't pretense."
      Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for the plot. All credits belong to their respective creators/owners.

onewithwinter onewithwinter Jun 24, 2016
This is amazing and I can't wait for the next update. If only my phone would let me know when stories are fudging  updated.
TurtleHugger7 TurtleHugger7 Aug 07, 2016
whoa i just got really emotional all of a sudden xD i guess i remember that pain
silverg646 silverg646 Jun 21, 2016
Such a smol, innocen chil.... Too bad somethings gonna happen
EreriBoss EreriBoss Aug 21, 2016
AWH.. I'm already crying..
                              Wtf Author-chan. Jk loves you. XD
EreriBoss EreriBoss Aug 21, 2016
I was a giant at a young age might as well call me a Titan. xD
                              RAWR I'ma eat you baby Levi! XD
DerpyRosaAna DerpyRosaAna Aug 21, 2016
And then he sits on the swing on the way back. Then the events happened again. Just like the description said. And he gets lost in Eren's eyes. Then Eren has to snapped him back into reality and they hug, cry and he finds out that Eren goes to the same school as him.
                              That's my prediction.