Any Major Dude Will Tell You (bxb)

Any Major Dude Will Tell You (bxb)

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E. Paule By golfballshifter Updated Sep 26

Titus Walker has always felt that he didn't fit in. There always seemed to be an invisible gulf between him and his peers. In his final year, he just wants to fly under the radar, graduate and get the hell out of his private, all-boys high school. 

The quiet equilibrium of his life is shattered when he is forced to sit next to golden boy Fraser Sinclair, although he initially does not expect much to come of the arrangement. A few sidelong glances, at most. 

Not even in his wildest dreams could he foresee that this would lead to a wild goose chase for the one-and-only Steely Dan jukebox musical in the world, long rides on public transport, and being shadowed by a mysterious white Volkswagen Golf.

Started 02/8/20.