Daddy // Harry Styles

Daddy // Harry Styles

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Scarlet Mae Belrose By HarryTheUnicxrn Updated Jun 11

"Baby girl, you'll taste so much better when you're afraid"


In which a mother of a 16 year-old girl remarries a man, who has a 22 year-old son named Harry. Rosie finds out that his Step brother was doing sexual things in her sleep,ever since the first night he stayed.

We are never getting back together ? Hahahahahhaah sorry I had too
' mom I can't find click ' 
                              ' it's okay honey your dad can't find the clit either '
                              ' nah I said click *
drumkly drumkly 5 days ago
when the author has a writers block so they decide to just not finish their sentence and continue on with their story like nothing happened
gag_reflex gag_reflex Nov 28
This girl is all of us 
                              H : oh here let me keep the door open as you pass through 
                              Us : fûck yeah daddy just like that don't stop
Why are the people with step parents in these books always such brats
*gapes at his rude comments but is secretly intensely turned on*