The Call

The Call

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allwaysmaichard By allwaysmaichard Updated May 04, 2016

AU, in a sense. 

The article that Richard Faulkerson Jr helped in expelling a bad spirit from someone? Add that with CW Supernatural inspired theme?

Yeah. I'm insane.


He prays. He asks guidance. He sees, and he fights. 

He's just never fought for someone he loves, before.

She loves him in a way she's never thought anyone could ever love someone. 

Loves him, all of him, even the jealous, territorial, overprotective side of him. 

She should have asked why.

jouanamarie_balauag jouanamarie_balauag Apr 11, 2016
Ehhhh. Whats happening? O well connect ba to dun sa hula ni ate na madidisgrasya si meng. O well cannot wait to read this story. Congrats serace for new fanfic! :-)
rjdp17 rjdp17 Apr 19, 2016
Well 12:51, parang kanta lang weeew pero goosebumps reading the story
NoOneCanStopMe NoOneCanStopMe Apr 10, 2016
Jusko! Adrenaline rush in the middle of the night. Nawala antok ko 😁 parang gusto ring makitakbo ng puso ko 💞
panotsha16 panotsha16 Apr 09, 2016
WORDS!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Love it.!!! Pag me tards pa din - can we block them here? Para they will not have the priviledge of reading your awesome writing. Belat sa kanila coz they know they will be missing alot. Ok read na ako 😊
rjdp17 rjdp17 Apr 19, 2016
Yung hula kasi, kinakabahan tuloy ang ADN sa buwan na yun tch.
joweeAnne07 joweeAnne07 Apr 09, 2016
Beh! Hahahahahahahaha... I love this disclaimer! Ang havey! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 with standing ovation yang kasama!