Save Me Alpha

Save Me Alpha

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"For Every Girl With A Broken Heart, There's A Boy Waiting With A Glue Gun"

"Not all stories end with a happily ever after"
Book three of the Alpha Series!

Emily Rose Perry Gray. 19 years old, living in a place she has never been too. She's a sweet and innocent girl.

When she was younger she was kidnapped by someone. No one knows who it is or where he or she is.

Alec King! The Alpha of the Sliver Stone pack. He is known to be the king of the werewolf race. He is the strongest and the deadliest alpha there is. 

Find out how they meet!
***WARNING**** emotional story. Scenes of rape, suicidal thoughts(( If you can't read that then this is not the story for you. Please don't read it then))

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Amazing cover by- @Driftingoceans
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XXbeartacin XXbeartacin Jul 03
Boi wtf. If I see a grown ass man kissing a girl like that...lord
Jack's eyes are more beautiful than my life. (Even tho I don't know him and he isn't my type)
whynot1244 whynot1244 Jul 03, 2016
I think this is a good book, 
                              The people in are too dramatic
Do I have to read the first two book to understand this one?
KDenise_22 KDenise_22 Sep 14, 2016
Powers? She has powers that's what the moon goddess didn't want to say....
Idk about other but whenever I heard "pack" I imagine it's in middle of a forest by the river and super far from the town