I hate you NOT || Yukine X Reader (completed)

I hate you NOT || Yukine X Reader (completed)

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Yurlem By -Yurilem- Completed

Yukine and Yato are having a normal day defeating phantoms when a very strange phantom appears. It's stronger than the other phantoms. Suddenly Yato spots a lost spirit and decides that he should take this opportunity to make the spirt a regalia. Her name is (y/n). Yukine gets jealous and angry because he thinks he is going to be replaced.

Will Yukine and (y/n) ever get along??

(Btw this is a very short story, 10 chapters to be exact. However I still hope you enjoy it anyway <3)

Me: Hi !! 
                              So..... your name is Yukine Or Whatever ?
                              What a strange name..
My nickname is Satan cause I'm evil and everytime some says my last name they think it's Satan
_bougainvillea _bougainvillea Oct 30, 2016
Lol my nickname is Karu and full name is Karuki although my full full name (or at least my OCs) is Karukikatokari
CALM DOWN! I couldn't even replace if I wanted to! (I love you too much to do such a thing!💖)