Second Chances

Second Chances

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MeXAgainstXTheXWorld By MeXAgainstXTheXWorld Updated 6 days ago

The two identical men stood shoulder to  shoulder, one bearing a grin, the other a nervous smile.

Their hands were intwined, so much closer than a brotherly bond.

Benjamin could only stare.  They had given him so much to take in, a overload of what he had to  think  about. 

His head was a whirling mess.

They couldnt actually expect him to believe  it all, could they? 

The lovers part, he could  belived that. All it took was one look to pass between them to make it obvious.

The being their baby part? He swore they were insane and had proved it when they showed him  his "Nursery"

But the werewolf part?
Even he wasn't that gullible.

darkshygirl darkshygirl Jul 07
Am I the only one who can see half finished sentences or words?
Lissy0467 Lissy0467 May 29
Does he not know about gay people? That's something a 5 year old wouldn't know not a 14 year old
You're an amazing author! I am just on this first chapter but I can't wait to read more!!