Where's My Mate?  [BOYxBOY]

Where's My Mate? [BOYxBOY]

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This is Max. He's a gay werewolf convinced he has no chance for a mate. He also happens to be in love with his best friend Ethan. What's a boy to do?  What else is he supposed to do when Ethan's old lover appears and Ethan just seems to disappear? Ack!

    My little brother played with Barbies and I played with his action figures with him. Although, historically, society has tried to make toys gender specific, you can play with what you like.
    illFATEDone illFATEDone Aug 04
    My little brother have seen all barbie movies and he loves the dream house series and he is NOT gay.... so loving girl stuff doesn't make one gay
    Afargimh Afargimh Jun 27
    Let's get one thing straight, gay men don't like things considered feminine, they like people who identify as men.
    XxnekocookiesxX XxnekocookiesxX Dec 16, 2016
    *sitting on the bed with some hot chocolate and my iPad because it's cold as heck* if I was a werewolf I would be scared of anything that is an insect but beat somebody up if they judge me for it😂😂
    But the color black is a very dark shade of blue so technically he is blue.
    dumadile dumadile Sep 08, 2016
    Poles may go straight up...but the  are always rounded on the sides