AoT: Various Female x Male Reader

AoT: Various Female x Male Reader

39.9K Reads 424 Votes 25 Part Story
Mik Casallo By BeastStory Completed

I don't own any characters of AoT but i own the Story!!!

Here are the categories but that will be in the End so:

~Mikasa x Reader
~Christa x Reader
~Hanji x Reader
~Sasha x Reader
~Annie x Reader

  • anniexreader
  • christaxreader
  • hanjixreader
  • mikasaxreader
  • sashaxreader
  • snk
  • variousfemalesnkxmalereader
Hi-go-die Hi-go-die Dec 13, 2017
Dude... I have like 30 right there... you know how many you have? Millions!!!!!! INCLUDING MY BEST FRIEND!!!! 
                              She has literally worships you
nice-nice-baby nice-nice-baby Dec 30, 2017
Look.....levi there are millions of people out there that want to marry you....... including me
Ares0123 Ares0123 Nov 21, 2017
Kimihito kurusu ( get it because i'm getting chased by girls who either show that they want me, or they do on the inside. God help us all.
DiamondOutcast DiamondOutcast Oct 03, 2017
*shows the middle finger* *blasts i dont fck with u u lil stupid aśś bîtch i aint fcking with u
Hi-go-die Hi-go-die Dec 13, 2017
Shut up Marco! Come back when your not a disposable character*sad violin music🎻🎻🎻*
George-is-bae George-is-bae 6 days ago
" What the f u c k"
                              George said as they saw millions of fangirls, and boys, maybe a few fan tacos behind him.