she's black ⚡ myg (ambw)

she's black ⚡ myg (ambw)

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❝Black women intrigue me like no other.❞

AMBW: Asian Man, Black Woman.

Started: 04•12•16-09•12•16•

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min yoongi + kiera please (kieraplease)

PhoenixFox PhoenixFox Nov 05
Yes This makes me feel much better finally someone notice that we are beautiful goddess.
bangtanntrash bangtanntrash 4 days ago
Does it even matter like what race she is he's just looking at attractive girls online stahp kookie
divergentlove101 divergentlove101 6 days ago
We are the best. Hair, Body, personality, and more. In simple words -Queens
Someone better hold me back before I turn rap monster into dead monster
litjesus litjesus Nov 21
too high up
                              are you trying to trick them into not thinking you're short