The Bad Boy's Game

The Bad Boy's Game

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Brooke Sharp is just a regular girl who's trying to survive High school. With the Queen B on her back, it's very difficult, but she continues to try and succeeds for the most part. But one fateful day, something happens that changes her life. Something that gets her mixed up with the school's bad boy, Colby Jackson. 

*Suggestive language*

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bruh, he's cheating, give the bad boy a chance to explain at least
DC-C_lover DC-C_lover Jun 08
Who am I kidding ? I would never share my food with anyone , unless I absolutely love the person
adri_6013 adri_6013 Jan 18
My sister's name kiara😟 lmfao she boujee tho so i understand the name😂
YoGirlLiv YoGirlLiv Feb 11
Okay, the book has plenty if reads but why not that many comments?
YoGirlLiv YoGirlLiv Feb 11
Jared cheating? A classic thing. Nothing new *puts on sunglasses and nods head to an imaginary beat*
YoGirlLiv YoGirlLiv Feb 11
Humans can NEVER be compared to God. Yes i know its for 'Fake' and 'For the story' but humans are not perfect 100%
                              Now i leave