The Grey

The Grey

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It had been years since Evolette's magyk had been torn away from her. Her heart has turned to ice and her eyes no longer have the gleam of a young women. Her world is full of hate and there is no one who can fix that. 

Alexander hates his life as a government pawn ever since he was forced to turn on one very special girl. He remembers her clearly: bright blue eyes, sharp features and a killer body. 

When they are forced together again by Evi's younger sister, sparks fly but they may just light everyone around them on fire.

TaureanDelight TaureanDelight Nov 09, 2013
the tension between evi and Alex is great right from the start.
Nikkime5150 Nikkime5150 Mar 15, 2013
the pic is badass even I'm shakin in my boots at the thought of her being pissed :) I'm making my way through your profile :D
Devious_Fossa Devious_Fossa Nov 11, 2011
@ilovePoombah Thanks. I will try. Also, can you give me an example where I crossed the two tenses...I don't think I did, but if you have a specific instance, I know what to look out for when I'm writing the next chapter. Thank you.
JayChapman JayChapman Nov 11, 2011
It's sweet as; but you confuse the past and present tenses with each other (: as for the dialogue, it's okay, but a bit more detail wouldn't hurt (: Other than that, it's got a good story line :D cool stuff (:
Devious_Fossa Devious_Fossa Nov 11, 2011
@blondenbrainy Thank you, for both the comment and the corrections. I pride myself on good grammar, but even I make mistakes. :D Thanks for pointing them out. I'm glad you liked this chapter.
blondenbrainy blondenbrainy Nov 10, 2011
<3 I like this story, can't wait to see what happens next and learn was happened before, this chapter was very mysterious! :) 
                              You have a couple of spelling mistakes though, particularly towards the end: "heal/healed" should probably say heel/heels and "grown" should be groan :)