Kidnapped By My 'Badboy' Brother and his 'Badboy' Gang

Kidnapped By My 'Badboy' Brother and his 'Badboy' Gang

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One Directions girl....bahahha By Fangirl_Ovaries Updated Dec 27, 2016

A One Direction and Ariana Grande fanfic

What if one day while walking home from school, a white van follows you...
And you trip from running away...because of a crack....who the hell trips over a crack? ANYWAYYY....

What if some random dudes shoves you into a van. What if you found out you had a long lost brother.
What if you fell in love with not one, but two of your kidnappers?


Ariana Grande was an average normal teenage girl. Exept for the fact that she is basically bullied everyday trying to manage the pain away by secretly cutting and to make it all better, her mother killed herself because apparently Ariana was a 'mistake'. 

If that doesn't make you feel any better, her father beats her physically and mentally. 

...That doesn't make you feel any better?...

 My bad...

Me: Spolier alert! The cat dies!
Reader: There is no cat in this sto-


"Why can't you just like a normal boyband?!"-My Mom

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