>Player< (Levi X Reader) AU

>Player< (Levi X Reader) AU

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Matryark By TheCatAlwaysLies Updated Jul 23, 2017

I was always winning.

I never lose.

That's why I hate you.

//A Gamer!LeviXGamer!Reader fanfiction. Mature and foul language will be used.//

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Animeeez Animeeez Jul 04, 2017
Juet realised that the author of this book also wrote "how they've met" 👏👏
Ren0072 Ren0072 Jul 21, 2017
Its could also spell "evil" or "live" or "veil". Did ya think about that? 😂
FranStudios FranStudios Apr 09, 2017
                              Is Ivel Levi spelled backwards? Was that on purpose? Also, I'm so very confused. What AU are we in? AoT in the future like How They've Met?
                              I'm a very confused kiddo, I'm sorry. ( ^w^)"
OfficiallyPotatoGirl OfficiallyPotatoGirl Apr 03, 2017
YAY!! I'm so happy to read another book. I'm a huge gamer too so this will be great! XD
AlexSmartAlec AlexSmartAlec Nov 02, 2017
                              my own story recommended this to me.
                              and it was right to do so.
the_autumn_neko the_autumn_neko Jul 25, 2017
Is it just me who went on to snapchat to say Levi's name then played it backwards. Ooh and it could also spell evil (Every Villain Is Lemons obvs)