>Player< (Levi X Reader) AU

>Player< (Levi X Reader) AU

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Matryark By TheCatAlwaysLies Updated Nov 12

I was always winning.

I never lose.

That's why I hate you.

//A Gamer!LeviXGamer!Reader fanfiction. Mature and foul language will be used.//

Felinephant Felinephant Nov 20
English compatibility level: 0.01%<cats are awesome>erenxleviftw)
yami163 yami163 Oct 29
I don't get it the only thing that went into my head was thing dirty.... *Wink Wink*
Yeah b!tch(me) get the f*ck over it. There is always someone better than you.
OH I just noticed you made this story. (Btw I really enjoy your stories)