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Human - Siren Falls Billdip

Human - Siren Falls Billdip

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Faith By Faithyboo722 Updated May 13

Siren Flows is the largest underwater kingdom, home to a whole race of mermaids and sirens.  Whereas Siren Flows dominates the oceans, humans rule over land, unaware of the existence of the human mutations. There is only one human, a sharp young man with a dazzling smile and an alluring demeanor, that knows of sirens. And he's also the captain of a handful of worldwide criminals known as the Cipher crew. 

Once the prince of Siren Falls, Dipper Pines, learns that his adoptive father, Stanford, has been secretly preparing him for a mate, the eighteen year old prince is distraught. He daringly swims to the surface to blow off steam by distracting himself with the wonders of the human world, stubbornly ignoring his twin sister Mabel's protests. Due to Dipper's carelessness he is captured and held captive on the Cipher SS- a large ship that harbors none other than Bill Cipher himself. The crew around the pirate captain is simultaneously alluring and intimidating, and Bill never ceases to make Dipper question the cruel and unusual beliefs about humans he was taught in his upbringing. 

Dipper quickly finds that a few doubts are the least of his problems. Somehow, during his stay on the Cipher S.S, Dipper developed rather intense feelings for captain Cipher. Feelings that he is determined to conceal, at any cost, but also feelings he is willing to silently pursue. And what if that young and curious siren was given the chance to become human, even if just for a little while...? All things aside, how will he decipher the mysteries this gang of thieves, rejects, and killers reserve? What is with their unnatural skills and ambiguous words? Why are they all so loyal to Bill? 

Why does Dipper wish he had been born human, just so he could have had the potential chance to be with his race's one mortal enemy?!

Read to find the answers!
(NONE of the pictures are mine) (I don't own Gravity Falls or any of its characters) (ALL rights reserved) Have fun reading! ;)

I REALLY want to make a reference but I think I'll just leave everybody else to figure it out.
fuzzilyfuzz fuzzilyfuzz May 13
Finally found a good siren au with correct grammar. Thank you
Rest in peace to all the shipers who dyed afther looking at this
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Faithyboo722 Faithyboo722 Aug 21, 2016
Reading over this makes me realize how much of a b auto correct is :/
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