Twice Smuts [Haitus]

Twice Smuts [Haitus]

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트와이스 By Standolkyul Updated Nov 27, 2017

[REQUEST OPEN] Text me personally if you have a certain ship/idea or if you want to feel like you yourself are with your bias in twice, can be twice X twice or twice and another group, it can also have boys or gender bender, your limit is the sky lol.

(Warning: very inappropriate so just scroll passed if you'll just report it like the last person)


  • bts
  • chaeyoung
  • choutzuyu
  • dahyun
  • got7
  • hiraimomo
  • imnayeon
  • jihyo
  • jungmo
  • jungyeon
  • kpoptwice
  • mina
  • momo
  • myouimina
  • nayeon
  • sana
  • twice
  • tzuna
  • tzuyoung
  • tzuyu
Nadozakii Nadozakii Dec 11, 2017
..Tsk why dont yiy and jihyo just tell us you aint straight?
RyanTheLovableLion RyanTheLovableLion Nov 28, 2017
Hello I'm a number one fan of SaiDa(Sana and Dahyun)...I wish u could make a smut it's up to you what u want
Nayeon is the oldest, she wouldn't really call Mina, Mina unnie.
RyanTheLovableLion RyanTheLovableLion Nov 28, 2017
I would rather die dan reading a Satzu cuz it's make me sad,Waeyo? Becuz I love Saida😭😭
KawaiiKpopQueen KawaiiKpopQueen Nov 29, 2017
Mina ready to strike with her ballerina moves. And make Tzuyu run back to taiwan.
KawaiiKpopQueen KawaiiKpopQueen Nov 29, 2017
Nayeon is older than Jihyo, she doesn't call her her unnie. Nayeon is born in 1995, any female born in 1994,1993, 1992, etc. Anyone born in those years, who is female and older than her, she calls unnie/eonni. Everyone in twice calls Nayeon, the honorific title unnie