You're My Hero [My Hero Academia] Yaoi [ONESHOTS]

You're My Hero [My Hero Academia] Yaoi [ONESHOTS]

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BlazingIcicleMint By Torishii Updated Aug 04, 2016

(TodoDeku) Todoroki Shouto x Midoriya Izuku
(BakuDeku) Bakugo Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku(?)


Just random types of oneshots.

No straight pairings here. JUST YAOI.

Don't like yaoi then... just ignore this and bye~

ahh_eMiLy ahh_eMiLy Sep 10
IM SORRY IF THIS SOUNDS RUDE I ACTUALLY LOVE YOUR WRITING BUT YUUEI??? It's UA. Sorry that was rude I don't mean to offend you I'm just try a help
Everybody is comenting on how Todaroki said "daddy". Slow down guys he's literally 5.
If I was his mom I'd probably be ashamed of myself to even think about my child is hideous 😭
I would have never known what disintegration meant unless you told me.
                              Why am I so sassy today? Usually I'm nicer, maybe a demons poses in my soul. Wait I have no soul, OHOHOHOHO.
HAHAHA for all the newbies chan means girl and kun means boy.
Pfft I like how they spelt fùck. Just had to make it slightly fancier.