Stuck In The Naruto World

Stuck In The Naruto World

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_(:з」∠)_ By Llama-Sama Completed

I'm Fumiko Hatanaka. I'm a pretty normal girl living with the people who saved me. I get in a car accident and those people who saved me died. Completely crushed. I wasn't as crushed but I still didn't survive. I was dead... Or so I thought. I ended up making 6 wishes and going to the Naruto world but there was a catch.... Good things always come with a price. This was so good that I payed up 2 prices.

1. My age (I'm a baby now) it won't stay like that forever obviously. And 
2. The feeling to love.

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SkyDragon_ SkyDragon_ Jul 21
...... *smirk*oh you don't know that anime is not for kids and it's not a jokes, it can be something deadly, perverted, bloody, murderous, ecchi, sunshine, drama, and romance*still smirking* heh... You have to watch CORPSE PARTY, MIRAI NIKKI *yandere mode on* 😈
I wish to be able to change appearance at will
                              Think of the pranks
animekid2027 animekid2027 6 days ago
Finally someone gets why I call Erochimaru gay.. he gave sas-GAY.. jk but seriously he gave Sasuke hickeys..
Anime boyfriends AND husbands.....i would have reacted the same way too
RyanErza RyanErza Aug 22
I want to be her but not the dead part tho only transfer and be OP chara huehehehe....😆
animekid2027 animekid2027 6 days ago
Lol I would legit say 'what about my anime husbando's' before anything else 😂😂