Stuck In The Naruto World

Stuck In The Naruto World

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_(:з」∠)_ By Llama-Sama Completed

I'm Fumiko Hatanaka. I'm a pretty normal girl living with the people who saved me. I get in a car accident and those people who saved me died. Completely crushed. I wasn't as crushed but I still didn't survive. I was dead... Or so I thought. I ended up making 6 wishes and going to the Naruto world but there was a catch.... Good things always come with a price. This was so good that I payed up 2 prices.

1. My age (I'm a baby now) it won't stay like that forever obviously. And 
2. The feeling to love.

Updates every Friday

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Full_Smiley Full_Smiley Oct 23
Oh if only I could explain that smooth like this to my parents. Me I'd probably be already freaking out sugar coating what hentai,lemon, smut etc. is to them.      But have courage if you must.
Little_Stars17 Little_Stars17 5 days ago
Same 😂😂😂😂😂 its too freaken early to wake up at that hour 😂😂😂 ill jusy go back to sleep
BiinziX BiinziX Nov 05
When I sit down too long it happens to me. And at school my teacher makes us sit down on the rug and listen to her speeches. We only enjoy it when it's like a Bible lesson...
Three wishes?? You now my favourite westerner song! (im from Thailand)
Finally someone gets why I call Erochimaru gay.. he gave sas-GAY.. jk but seriously he gave Sasuke hickeys..
OMG THATS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i have 2 naime loving friends and like 10 others.