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Star Wars: The Jedi's Apprentice #Wattys2015

Star Wars: The Jedi's Apprentice #Wattys2015

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Christi Anne Clark By Christianneclark Completed

"I will not end up like Nikka and Makal." I yelled before slitting his throat. Dooku's eyes widened choked and fell to the ground before coming lifeless. After a few quiet seconds I realized what I had done and I went in to complete shock. 

After the galactic senate Makes a move to bring in younger Jedi to the battlefield  Anakin Skywalker is faced with the task to train a female padawan. But as he gets to know her he starts to question who this girl is and whether the rules he's followed are really worth it.

gjgdbvrtbff gjgdbvrtbff Sep 27, 2016
I was kind of confused between the times of the war but except for that it was awesome
TrekkieHolmesGirl TrekkieHolmesGirl May 01, 2016
I couldn't stop laughing at the name of the bar😂 for some reason "The Drunk Ewok" is just a hilarious name😂😂😂 great story so far btw
YukinoMusume YukinoMusume Jan 15, 2016
O_O.....crap. Wait, what happened to Tamarah? Good story!! :D
princess4life321 princess4life321 Dec 28, 2015
Bruh this bish actually threw a shoe at one of the most powerful Jedi's....
                              Idk if she's brave or stupid
FangirlwithFeels2411 FangirlwithFeels2411 Dec 12, 2015
You do realize Jedi don't force choke people? Only siths do that.
youtubegalaxy youtubegalaxy Oct 21, 2015
Will she think he is still handsome after he goes to the dark side XD