An Undecided Fate

An Undecided Fate

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Alexander and Cassandra, a newly wedded couple, don't seem to get their ways with each other.
Alexander is a soldier who fights in the US Army for the North. He's devoted to his job than any other soldier in America. Yet he can be quite arrogant and intimidating at times - actually, most of the time.

Cassandra is a kind and innocent woman who does domestic services at their home. Just as much as her husband is devoted to the army, she is devoted to him. Unfortunately, she doesn't get any appreciation for it and is always neglected by him. 

It was 1860, and the preparations for the upcoming battles have started (the ones that are part of what we call today, the Civil War), which also meant that it was time for Alexander to leave Cassandra for some while. They didn't quite have a mended relationship by the time he left for the battles, and they have been thinking that this was how it was going to remain.

But fate had other plans for them.

  • fiction
  • friendship
  • historical
  • hope
  • romance
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  • war
sprinkleofhayat sprinkleofhayat Dec 31, 2016 guy (should've know since the blurb...but it completely flew over my head xD)
sprinkleofhayat sprinkleofhayat Dec 31, 2016
Omg it's only been one week of marriage and she's already slaving away D:
sprinkleofhayat sprinkleofhayat Dec 31, 2016
I kinda already have a passive sense of dislike towards this husband of hers...