Tag You're It

Tag You're It

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smol beansss By EverlarkFanatic Updated Nov 19

" I don't want to be yours."

"You say that now Kitty, but you will learn to love me."

"What if I don't?"

"I tagged you, so you will."
Katniss always takes the normal route to school.

It's safe, she's the only one who knows about it.

Until one day.

Someone else takes the route.

And then decides to take her.

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HGKPD12 HGKPD12 Jul 18
U think? 😂😂😂 oh snap what happens if its serious??? 🤔🤔
HGKPD12 HGKPD12 Jul 18
Oh meh lord! Now that i think about it.... ISNT IT PEETA AND FINNICK?!?!? OML