Luke + Arzaylea

Luke + Arzaylea

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musicsavedmexo By musicsavedmexo Updated 5 days ago

my name is grace
you might know me from my twitter, @musicsavedmexo
or from my youtube channel, DoseofDrama
or you might not know me at all.
well im 18 and im too lazy to use capital letters and most punctuation so yeah.
i like bands a lot and music pretty much keeps me alive on a day to day basis.

i just wanted to say something real quick:
no matter what you are going through right now
if you want to hurt yourself
if you want to die
if you're struggling with anxiety or depression
know that you are not alone.
we all fight battles that nobody knows about.
it's the people that we let in that can make a difference.
you can let me in. i wont leave you, i promise.
you are loved.
you are worth every single breath you take.

music saved my life, maybe it can save yours too.
know hope.

Lol I KNEW IT😊😂😊and he looks so miserable in the pics with arzaylea....i LOVE ur youtube channel
veeiscool veeiscool May 29
i am in love with your youtube channel, thanks for the videos that u upload :D
I knew it! I just didn't have the facts but thank you for explaining it!
It's both Fame and Money... He is MISERABLE WITH ARZ!!! when he is with fans and stuff he is so happy and energetic
That's so bad
                              I mean in all the managements do this but modest is the worst
I love you so much grace, you're channel is great and I have watched every single video and you're just so amazing and thank you for say all those things at the end cause they have really helped me through so much