♥Romeo And Juliet♥ A Laurmau Fanfiction

♥Romeo And Juliet♥ A Laurmau Fanfiction

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The Laurmau Army By The_Laurmau_Army Updated Aug 16, 2016

Laurance Zvahl was a freshmen at the high school O'khasis prep. He hated it there. All the students made fun of him because he was "poor". The majority of the students were rich and popular, unlike him. But within this hell place, there is a girl named Aphmau Phoenix. Laurance secretly had a crush on her but Aphmau didn't even know he existed. But that may change somehow. 

Read Romeo and Juliet to find out how Laurance and Aphmau came to be. 

WARNING: This book contains sensitive content such as: swearing (rarely), mild romance and shet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ,  VERY sad scenes, and....blood...yeah blood...yep...READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own ANY of the characters in this book. Nor the names of cities and stuff. The rightful owner is Aphmau.

Hey! At first this was a roleplay that me,  (@Majestickittycat) and Rei (@ReiChan4Lyfe) did! It was actually really good so I decided to make a book out of it! I am really excited and I hope you are too! ♥ 


Me: Oh Mah Gosh Garroth can you come with me *hiding my knife*
                              Garroth: Uhm sure??
                              Me: *Stabs Garroth*
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girl Aphmau... say this to him.... "NOBODY CAN FORCE ME TO BE A CHEERLEADER! NOBODY NOBODY!" *sings Drag me down with the remix*
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YAY I LOVE I WOULD'T MIND AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! this is my favorite song
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I'm in grade seven and I haven't had a boyfriend Actually that's not true.......
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                              /BlueSylveon, 2007-2016, died from an adorable Laurmau book. You will be MIST.\